of your roof up to 15 years!

Asphalt shingles are prone to drying out and losing their essential oils, which leads to brittleness and a shortened lifespan. As your shingles age over time, your shingles’ granular coating begins to wash off and starts to lose its ability to hold the granular in place… thus, leaving it exposed to cracking and failing.

Our rejuvenation treatment is a bio-based, environmentally friendly rejuvenator that has been rigorously lab-tested and field-proven to replace oils in asphalt shingles which helps them last considerably longer.



We first refresh your roof with a softwash. This important step in our process helps remove any growth from moss or algae from your roof.


Next, we apply our rejuvenation treatment to your roof’s shingles.


Finally, we make repairs to any part of your roof that may need additional correction… like pipe or chimney flashing or missing shingles.

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